לוגו מעודכן

Driving Change

Youth at Risk

Through no fault of their own youth at risk grow up in an environment of suffering and poverty. This is coupled with coping with learning disabilities and a failure to reach their potential. As such, they fail to hold their own in the educational system. Due to their critical circumstances their lives take a downward spiral into the world of alcohol, drugs and violence. For these children we have found a solution. We have set up “clubs” in order to provide them with an opportunity to enjoy and enter a cycle of happiness, giving and enrichment. Most of this population learns best at a slower pace and in subjects they enjoy such as: cooking, locksmithing, car mechanics or computer repairs and software. Each according to his ability and level of ability to learn. Once a child has tasted success, he now has the will and ambition to continue to grow and succeed further. We also wish to tie this project in with our project to assist the elderly. Once these students have achieved a level of maturity and responsibility, we can pair a student with a member of the elderly community. This is an opportunity for each to help the other.

Should we receive sufficient funding, we could open up the program to all youths who knock on our doors and be forced to turn away students soley for lack of room.

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